Yes i am bad don’t you dare to come to me again, this time i will hurt you worst not to the skin of your’s but the heart with the tongue.

You asked me everytime what you deserve, I said better then what you have better then Me.

Now when i am not what you have right now I ask you what i deserve.

Dose i deserve to be fooled to be lied to be broken. No i don’t.

I am bad and i feel good to be bad. You brought me to this to the world of words where i can put my anger into sentences of agony.

I use to say things to my self and gets over your torture but now i will say it to you by not saying to your face.

I said i was fine but it always hurts me I prayed to the almighty to give me a person who is afraid to loose me.

Falling in love with someone who doesn’t know how to love you is the saddest thing can happen.

Is there anything that stays loyal forever? I asked myself.