She loved me so much and i was such a fool not to see.

she lifted me when i was down.

she encouraged me when i was so afraid of my life.

she loved me like nobody loved me before.

she was so worried about me she did everything right and i still can’t see.

I keep asking her did she really loves me?

Now i see how these questions would have teared her adorable heart into pieces.

I did so wrong to her with out thinking.

I feel retarded not to be with her when she needed me the most.

she loved me the way she did I should have appreciated it but i never did.

Oh poor! me i did all so wrong to her and still kept her away when she was coming to me with some hope.

I couldn’t even be her healing.

I did her so much bad and she was always my well wisher how betrayed she would have felt because of me.

when nobody believed me she saw something worth in me she took my hand wrapped a ring around my finger and told me she was there for me.

Ohh poor me i know nothing about the ways she kept loving me and i kept being a D

I have so much to write but i am ashamed of me