Just after i broke up i got out on my bike i ride it so fast as i have never before so much so i was regretting for everything that had gone by.

117/kmph on a highway i fly the road was fucking broke full of potholes but still i ride liquid came through my eyes may be because i was so fast

Then came a tampo on the wrong side and it happened in so quick time the brain just decided to put on the breaks but i did not

How amazing human brains are they can take decisions so fast in so much less time

So it decided not to stop the bike and took it as a chance the chance to end the fight of this life to get away with all the events that gonna make me feel dead without dying and just escape the pain which is greater than life

In just that small moment my brain decided and when i was a meter or so away from extinction this stupid brain got a thought of my mom my brothers my friend and a girl whom with i wanted to spend my life

And again i was regretting about giving up and failing them all but it was too late no time left i was unstoppable and had a clash.

I Don’t know how but i got away from that clash it was close but not close enough to touch me

Thank god i am alive to think about that time that so little time