The best feeling in the world when you smile to me, because i know for a second i crossed your mind. 

If you were to see yourself, the way i see you, you would fall in love with my eyes and never look away. 

I met you i wrote you i talked with you i loved you I paint my poetry with the colors of your thoughts. 

I knew her weakness and she knew mine   I said she was mine and  she smiled.  her giggles were adorable. 

Like home to her is 4 walls while to me her 2 arms But her love was virtual, mine was real our relation was like “A rose between the books”  DEAD

May be love and pain were synonyms,  I know how hard I’m working to gulp the harsh truth. 

In the game of ego and pain the truth was a showstopper. 

“Scars”Do they heal?  No they hide. 

Silence  isn’t a feeling, its the poetry of the heart, lost in translation. 

But she is just the girl i loved once that i get to save from her demons every night.